Thursday, January 21, 2021


01 More than a few books on bats

02 The praise is like entrails

03 The sewer sings shitty songs at night

04 He wrote poems, hands behind his back, blindfold, silent

05 Frank O’Hara, Ashberry, Koch, Schulyer

06 If a million Chinamen jumped

07 No THIS is what losing is

08 Train versus Cello? Home and Away?

09 Dead Poets do not give a fuck.

10 Two oranges, a Kit-Kat, in my overnight bag

11 Gargled Petrol; Words of Fire

12 if you want a pat on the head, find a cow

13 A ditch full of rubbish; one or two bodies

14 Crucifixes, Barbed-Wire, Duct-Tape

15 Singing to the Death

16 But the the war was over. We gave up poetry

17 The obscenity of your whiteness

18 How to survive a mass-shooting

19 He built scaffolds in Meccanno

20 Filth, unless you’re a shit-eating bug

21 She was a sexy as a stale cookie

22 The smallest Russian Doll is childless

28 How many needles in my eyes?

23 My father is sort-of dead

24 Dancing with Dostoevsky

25 Let’s play “Killing the Lodger”

26 My desk has cliff-edges and deep dark pools

27 I need to get out of here: Yesterday!

28 How many needles in my eyes?

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