Friday, January 22, 2021


A Minor disagreement in Central Park

Now is the D-J of or Discotheque

The regular incursions of the Press

He killed himself in The Brighton Grand

The steel that makes the ship

Sad as a clock with no minute hand

Rows of sweaty Yellow Cabs

Down the stairs to hot, steaming music

Sneaky Fucking Greeks

Traffic Wardens with AK47s

Clouds, begging for attention

Sergeant Stripes and Corporal Punishment

A Neon Kiss and Flickering Love

I have decided to be a yacht

Sardines, Capers, Oranges

Wear a dustbin-lid in case of falling bricks

Naked as a granite worktop and about as warm

The moon, vaguely pissed off

Two small silver pistols

Bear Mountain now wears clothes

She has a quick, brave heart

The perfectly upright Tower Of Pisa

If war comes, be sure of your love

Viagra in the water supply

Her flaming hair and lips actually flaming
Poetry is playing the drum with two flutes

I am neither invisible, nor transparent

Sometimes the lights should not go on

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