Friday, January 22, 2021


01 I am imprisoned like a virus is imprisoned
02 Foreman in a Toilet-Roll Mine
03 The dry leaves in our pockets
04 The Sound of the Friday Market
05 Room of Bad Noises
06 Pockets full of poems, condoms, loose tobacco
07 Are there coffee shops on the margins?

08 In the pocket of his tartan waistcoat
09 The delicate lament of rotting meat
10 Are tickets to Perdition Returns?
11 Can a truth be built on lies?
12 I drink because we might run out
13 Swift Blades make ice water
14 A blind wombat

15 The Happy Hooligan Milk-Bar
16 An Enormous Window
17 If our stamp collection was all the same stamp
18 The Wind in the Pillows
19 They are storing the dying on ships
20 Last night I dreamt Trump knocked
21 Something slightly sneaky about love

22 By what rule is blue blue?
23 The past falls away but is in a room
24 I found a jacket on a train
25 The three-mile-long plane
26 Poetry! I was looking for Pottery
27 Men rescuing owls
28 The Two-Inch Poet

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