Monday, January 25, 2021

 Monday Prompts

The NHS is hiring Lazarus
I still think it would be better with walls
Pouring the whisky down the sink
God is not well

I have sent my grief away for a break
My boyfriend left me and went back to Sydney
A number of surgical appliances
The glass man has crystal balls

A one-armed man on a trapeze
My insides are outside. That is not good
When fish are dizzy
Three Hundred Things for Clever Boys to Do

Would you like to see my grenades?
Donkey, Ass, Mule Burro
You shoulda seen the look I gave him!
My darling ate my Clementines

To be small enough not to be noticed
I took my friend to see the old ruin but she was out
As disgusting as milk thawed on the radiator

Sock Cucker
A dream of somewhere better than America
Something made with lace
I’m sorry to tell you but you have at least thirty years to live

He was a fine man for stories
I am too lazy to go to bed
Is there an Anarchist Party? The storm abates; small creatures stir

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