Monday, July 03, 2006

One More Hit, Prompts

Congrats to Dave Prescott for an acceptance at Word Riot.

The July Blast continues apace with the 24th piece now in and the membership past 20,000 words already

Here are the latest prompts

Google 67 KL8, Follow links

Phone Call, No, It's For You.

GPS Report: You Are Where You Are (More or Less)

How to Handle a Dray

A Tale of Two Cities

The Decline and Fall of the Romany Empire

What's Six Feet High, Stinks, and Sounds Like a Cracked Bell?

Canal, River, Canal

Three Chicks, One Dead Bird

I'll Come Down on Them Like a Grage Door Coming Down on a Bike

The Bells, The Bells

Breathe, Mrs Robinson, Breathe

I Must Be Late

Why Men Don't Have Babies


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