Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012? The Agony and the Agony

My writing in the second half of 2011 just dried up.

Not absolutely, but I didn't do well except for the big novel (now 90,000 words of 150,000).

Part of that, reading old Social Services records, retyping stuff has been long-winded and "heavy" and not "flowing" or exciting. Throw in domestic difficulties and then a decision to study again (wake myself up) and the writing has suffered some.

Still running Boot Camp Keegan, a member asked for a January "Blast" to get us all hitting the 2012 ground running, so I've said yes, and we started at Xmas (a BCK Tradition) so that by January we are already into a decent jog.

I'm finding writing flashes again quite strange, writing longer shorts a distant memory, (my brain has stopped thinking in 2-5K chunks and I've become to good at the condensed piece) and until I've caught up academically, the idea of 1-2K per day on the novel is...

well it just is.

Even with money troubles, domestic troubles, a very uncertain future, and the ravages of age, I really should be managing 1K a day for at least 5 days a week. Otherwise, the simple truth is, I'm not a writer, it just happens I wrote some stuff a while ago.

Watch this space.

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