Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012-005 Prompts

What is left to say?

Just a little party, a few friends. We won't even get drunk.

Some tunnel in Switzerland or something.

Seven Years later

Everything that could happen, will happen.

Tsunamis are not that uncommon

You weren't exactly ill but you weren't well

In the distance, a city

It was then a sparrow flew in, well a bird


So I woke up, wired-in, tubed-up to this guy


Send me flowers, like I give a fuck.


Mr & Mrs Buck-Too and their son, James


Either the best sleep ever, or something else

Hemlock and Other Cures

No strange marks, I didn't even see fever, but

In some ways it could be brilliant

Life was not so funny then, or now

See this face? That's a map of where not to go.

This was a story, kind of, the ending is happy, kind-of.

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