Friday, October 09, 2015

09 October Prompts

2326 We collect our invisible belongings and exit
2327 Tarzan
2328 This is how things are designed. It is absolute
2329 The smell of coal-tar soap
2330 Chain Bridge, Ferry

2331 Camp Coffee, Garibaldis
2332 Rule Britannia!
2333 Running my finger under the tap
2334 SALT
2335 Out for a Chinese, the bus back

2336 Twigging
2337A stand-up wash in the kitchen
2338 Picking delicious scabs from your knees
2339 Last Night of the Proms
2340 Eggs, Chips Echo'd Bread

2341 Running for trains, always missing
2342 Jockeys in their Triumph Spitfires, dates in town
2343 Tea might help
2344 The Market Place
2345 The difference between a pantry and a larder

2346 Carriage after carriage, heartless
2347 Fireworks, a Diary, Harmonica, and once an opened till
2348 Copper Thomas
2349 Skimming stones, hiding in bushes, vowing eggs
2350 Stores Away!

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