Monday, October 12, 2015

October Blast Prompt Set 14

2401 Never underestimate the power of a turned face
2402 An Obscenity of Professors
2403 He brought his teeth with him in a brown paper bag
2404 Secretaries end to end
2405 It's a kind of murder, out on the verandah

2406 Various poisonous confections
2407 A pause of falling suicides
2408 Sticklebacks
2409 A series of silences is music to the soul

2411 Few will hear, but that's how it has always been
2412 Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
2413 Does a croc without water still latch on and twist?
2414 Will Shakespeare, Midfield Dynamo
2415 The awkwardness of first love

2416 It is known that certain moons talk
2417 I hear you knocking
2418 The glass and clatter of a steaming kitchen
2420 Back where we were just sixty minutes ago

2421 Two hundred billion billion white plastic bags
2422 I saw three ships come sailing by
2423 Accidentally exposed to a poet
2424 Words ending ack, ick, eck, uck
2425 Contagion

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