Sunday, October 25, 2015

 October Blast 19 2526-2550

 25-Oct 08:05 Sunday

2526 I was leaning over you when you moved
2527 Space Travel for Seniors
2528 Porcupine
2529 They have herded their calves into the centre
2530 You are like old foreign bank-notes, vaguely meaningful once

2531 That's what I was trying to tell you, so to speak
2532 The poor will give upon kidney to the Chinese
2533 Erotica, retina
2534 I need something here, melodic, mellifluous 
2535 The Gods are in the dark this time

2536 This is how we decompose
2537 Why I love tractors
2538 I live in a huge, dull, palace
2539 Penises of various shapes and sizes
2540 The Poets are crying out for famine and disease

2541 Someone has written on the whites of your eyes
2542 Consume! Consume!
2543 I want to sit in a warm kitchen, drinking slowly with a few good friends
2544 It is better to squat when you shit
2545 I am not stubborn. I am a lighthouse.

2546 I love you so much I would lend you a book
2547 Launderette
2548 A nest of mice in her bed
2549 I opened a shiny box and a light came out
2550 What is this life if full of doubt we have no time to hang about?

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