Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Blast 23 2626-2650
29-Oct 00:33 Thursday

2626 There are places nobody goes, villages beneath water
2628 I am folding the table-cloth, barely marked
2629 There is always someone stupid enough to start a song
2630 Mist smelling of cordite, blood

2631 Synopsis of the Great English Novel
2633 We stopped at a fucking dump called Addlesstrop
2634 Arrive Feb, die March
2635 I am lining up my medals, folding my beret

2636 'Tis the light yonder, Sire!
2637 That's the thing about Bournemouth
2638 BLUE
2639 Carcinogens and Chips
2640 A dull, old train, stinking of dust and failed promises

2641 Eeenie-meanie miney fucking mo
2642 I am walking dishonestly and down a crooked path
2643 British, Huh? Have you met The Queen?
2644 Always remember, this might be the last time you ever make love
2645 Fairy Nuff

2646 We are thinking of bombing Hamburg, or Milton Keynes
2647 Absence makes the heart relax
2648 Turning off the torches lest the needy find us
2649 National Kill Your Best Friend Day
2650 Stone, Sand, Water, Sky

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