Monday, October 05, 2015

October Blast 07 2226-2250

05-Oct 08:05 Monday

2226 The smoke on lamps, the smoke on ceilings
2227 Gain is Loss Somewhere
2228 The peeling labels on old tin cans
2229 1953, Fosters Garage: the sun was high, the queen was bright
2230 People kill People. Guns are labour-saving devices

2231 All six of us stumbled through, the poor breeding
2232 We dance on the backs of soldiers
2233 Lido
2234 The town is old, old, worn out, worn down
2235 What was beautiful as the blood spread

2236 In the name of God, fuck the fuck off and die
2237 There is a place called Limousine 
2238 I feel endings lining up, disaster
2239 We all need to be stretched, some by the neck until they are dead
2240 If. If there was a school shooting every day

2241 Loathsome, his fat red nazi cheeks and swollen trousers
2242 It is not about the crime, not about the criminal
2243 We lead fools, their babies as appetisers 
2244 In honour of a distant death
2245 Hepatitis-T, starting in a Manchester Hotel

2246 Bing Bang Bong!
2247 We must not be disturbed, we are above those things
2248 Apothecary
2249 Two years ago, when I was still alive
2250 Ethelred the Fraud

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