Monday, October 19, 2015

October Blast 17 2476-2500 
 17-Oct 11:20 Monday

2476 Once on a bus with Denis Potter
2478 I dreamt I was an incredible horseman
2479 That's a Joke, Yes?
2480 In 1953 a gale blew the roof off our house

2481  Barefoot we damned the brook, patient engineers
2482 Frozen Peas
2483 My horse was magnificent and everyone loved him
2484 ENNUI
2485 The sky is lower than it was this morning

2486 Never mind where you are going; you will know when you get there
2487 Fairies
2488 This moon is big, bigger than ever
2489 I do not like this form of dying, there should be more
2490 The shine of fresh water

2491 I would just like to stand up one more time
2492 You lie like a dollar watch bought in Marrakesh
2493 I hated onions, cheese, radishes, my sisters
2494 Your answer is a weak one
2495 I am trying to reinvent my father

2496 All the King's Horses, All the President's Men
2497 As the people became lighter, the wind took them away
2498 Minefield Football
2499 Suddenly it occurs to me, we can dig
2500 I have found a small hole in time. I hide there, sometimes.

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