Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 09 2051-2075

30-Sep 12:42 Wednesday

2051 Twenty-five flavours, but only one at a time
2052 Some things you just know, but never know.
2053 Firemen, Policemen
2054 HRT
2055 The elegance of a ploughed field

2056 Knock Knock Jokes for the Damned
2057 I remember you from before you wanted to die
2058 Flower
2059 Knee, back, ear, eyes
2060 Yes, and miles to go, miles to go...

2061 What would I want for my last meal
2062 I would shoot crows, the occasional dog
2063 Another twenty years or loved for a day, then die?
2064 Muttering of surrender in a musty room
2065 Remembrance

2066 The sweet beauty of a homing bullet
2067 Decorating as an act of love
2068 No oath of allegiance, medals in the skip
2069 From now, I think I should wear the clothes of dead men
2070 It's a kettle. Approximately

2071 Beginning, End? It's all middle, nothing of consequence
2072 CRIB
2073 Were fat Boy and Little Boy beautiful?
2074 We will get there, but how we get there should matter
2075 The swollen fear of the slaughterhouse, shit.

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