Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Prompts

 Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 05
 26-Sep 08:20 Saturday

1951 Nothing will follow, nothing follows
1952 Sandpaper
1953 Deacon William Jones and other such bastards
1954 Stamp through the tulips
1955 Where the rivers meet, before the falls

1956 I dreamt I was Atilla the Hun, for Might is Right
1957 Be patient, your chance will come
1958 CHOKE
1959 The aesthete, the asexual
1960 I will need to go to Wales

1961 The susceptibility of the egg
1962 His father murdered for a living, but was kind
1963 How clouds drift in, kindly at first
1964 All the fun of the fair
1965 POLIO

1966 The Oxford Companion to Discarded Poems
1967 The Last Cuckoo
1969 A Peculiar Singularity
1970 There must be a way through: I can feel the light the other side

1971 In the name of austerity, I sentence you to death
1972 James James and Billy Williams
1973 Conference
1974 This is my best, my very, very best
1975 I have shaken off my family like a snake's rotten skin

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