Saturday, June 01, 2024

 PROMPTS, June 1st

June-0001 We see the same stars
June-0002 Stand when the blood pumps! Lie low when you are dead
June-0003 The fox knows many tricks, the hedgehog just one big one
June-0004 Don't fear the mob; don't run
June-0005 She carried water, carried fire

June-0006 Boys, why are you holding back?
June-0007 We men are dumb, blind creatures
June-0008 No more surprises, no miracles
June-0009 I'll die when I've had enough!
June-0010 Men fall to earth and are then picked up

June-0011 As a bitch around her pups
June-0012 Cruel worries wearing us down for spite
June-0013 Not even dolphins on mountaintops
June-0014 The flames beneath my skin
June-0015 Grieve for the things that rot, look towards imagined bliss

June-0016 No-one thinks he will not wake tomorrow
June-0017 Helmet to helmet, crest to crest
June-0018 Draining carafe upon carafe
June-0019 March straight, shields high, and trust your blood
June-0020 Age will one day hold you fast

June-0021 Nothing comes untouched by evil
June-0022 As if you were a friend
June-0023 Once you were a girl, singing as you worked
June-0024 A bed of grasses, flowers
June-0025 When they, their tribulations over, seek water, a blanket


I hope to post at least one set of prompts every day in June AND produce a story, a flash, or a poem as a minimum.
It would be great to see a coupla dozen souls joining in.
I will reveal the sources, sequence, etc 1-2 days after a set has been posted.
USE one prompt, two, three, a half-dozen, all 25, whatever turns you on.
Use prompts exactly, or altered, or utterly bastardised.
Use them combined, reversed, inverted, whatever.
Learn to PLAY, with prompts. Sing them, read them top to bottom, bottom-to-top.
Change the order, read them again. 
Try the prompts alphabetically or ordered by length.
See what happens when you think of two prompts together.
Don't read a prompt and think consciously, (for example).. Oh that makes me think about that guy, that woman who.. and she/he thought... and then...
Do that and all the prompts have done is got you writing but writing LEFT-brained
Instead PLAY, play until one, two or three prompts start to SING to you, give you a poem, or a chorus, or an opening (especially an opening) where the voice, the colour, the music combines to make you FEEL a story or an idea or a direction
Then write free, write flowing, write "drunk", laissez-faire, "Just Do It"
and if things slow, stutter, turn again to the remaining prompts and find the next movement in your song.
You are channelling your heart, your gut, your soul.
Every participant is touched differently
(as long as they stay right brained and do not think)


Just to go on record... 

Original prompts posted about an hour ago in Facebook

Finished a flash about 15 minutes ago.

The prompt seemed to force me one way, unfortunately.
More prompts ASAP

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