Sunday, June 02, 2024

 (For Monday, June 3)


June-0101 Your bullets, my gun
June-0102 Somewhere, a woman singing
June-0103 I would prefer to be somewhere else
June-0104 The orgasmic arc of the falling axe
June-0105 The joy of fresh sheets
June-0106 Blessed are those who do not give a fuck
June-0107 The sea is alive with light!
June-0108 I remember some things, invent others
June-0109 A room stinking of confession
June-0110 What comes after impossible
June-0111 When the music was stopped
June-0112 At least you still have money
June-0113 This is not the first time. It will not be the last
June-0114 Morse Code
June-0115 Large hands and a soft demeanour
June-0116 Picnic in Cliveden
June-0117 NO Mrs Jenkins, NO!
June-0118 He talks to his donkey. The donkey talks back
June-0119 Classes in love
June-0120 Try not to make a mess, do
June-0121 This must be Italy
June-0122 Cans by size, then alphabetic order
June-0123 The hotel we first-fucked in
June-0124 Butternut and Ginger soup
June-0125 You were born old

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