Sunday, June 02, 2024

 June Prompts

Set 4

Let’s pretend we will never tire of each other
It is tragic, but simply, he is not a gentleman
It’ll be ready a week Tuesday
Tomorrow will be complicated
I bring you: confrontation; desolation

You’re not you without your glasses on
Not all honey is honey
Those night-fears, car-shadows circling the walls
A man in a huge red hat
We are all birds, some of us are building nests.

This particular winter, a particular cold, particularly dark
Where are you headed? Is it nice there?
Her twins, penny and twopence
Your smile, when everyone else is gloom

I think of the time before I had to choose
I always wondered what love exactly was
Your soul is showing
We have been climbing now, for seventy-seven weeks
Maybe another day?

A cough down the hall, a curse, a flush
A world full of orange blossoms, butterflies
Poems lie, just in a prettier way
I hid a snowman under my bed.
I want a wooden leg, beautifully carved

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