Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Prompts 6926-6950
Thursday, March 31st, 07:15

6926 This is the last time, or the time but one
6927 We are almost there, but now be there dragons
6928 The clouds that still remain
6929 Will you enter the caves with me?
6930 It is a washed-out town, colours drained to grey

6931 You, skin electric-tight, breathless
6933 The city calls down the bomb
6934 You’re having a bad time?
6935 What is over the next hill, or “What’s in the fridge?”

6936 You make a choice. The important thing is deciding.
6937 And in your mouth, a foulness
6939 The Bayonet-Polisher’s Apprentice
6940 This is what dying feels like, a disappointment

6941 It was too delicate, a dream, light smoke
6943 When once the world was so much larger
6945 But not the children from the terraces

6946 The machines chug outside, eating garbage
6947 A bowl of fresh strawberries, a little too much cream
6948 Let me do this. I got this.
6949 Picnic

6950 Those of you who do not sleep, attend!

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