Friday, March 11, 2016

March Prompts 6351-6375

Friday, March 11th, 00:34

6351 A small car traveling too fast
6352 A valley full of steel and fire
6353 My excuse is that I’m dying. Will that do?
6354 It’s a train. It doesn’t give a shit
6355 After the accident we laid her by her favourite tree

6356 Why would you think darkness would stop us?
6357 Apparently I am officially dead (I feel OK)
6359 His tie in the collar like a noose
6360 Horror in Waitrose

6361 Hear the scarlet soldiers
6362 The various methods for countering indigestion
6363 Undress, and slip into the cold sea
6365 Spring light often misbehaves

6366 The need for love will make us impatient
6367 A degree of flammability
6368 The water is black but there are great fish down there
6370 Do not tell a man he can never go home

6371 The rattle of the guns disturbs the generals
6372 It doesn’t always work out
6373 Pins on a map
6374 Nurse, Purses, Curses
6375 Boys of seventeen. Some will become men:


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