Saturday, March 05, 2016

March Prompts 6176-6200 

Saturday March 5th. 20:35

6176 The sea never comes this far, but there are other ways to drown
6177 Smile if she says anything, but don’t drink the tea
6178 The way the nights tremble
6179 You are talking oddly, as if something is broken in you
6180 The January dawns, white, cracking underfoot

6181 If the shepherd kicks his dog
6182 The half-deserted streets, the restless nights
6183 Qatar
6184 He asks that we take lilacs to Madame’s room
6185 It smelt like dead beer

6186 We are collecting drift-wood in the car-park
6187 She spoke out of the corners of her eyes
6188 Arthur McArthur’s Secret
6189 Did Achilles have an Achille’s Heel or just a heel?
6190 Some terrible thing inside, waiting, beating

6191 If I don’t die Wednesday, do you fancy a drink?
6192 It is not the moment to be angry
6193 With my hand upon the handle
6194 Among the fatness, the weight, of that August
6195 A fat policeman, jolly as he beats you

6196 A room not lit, but coloured by a single candle
6197 When the whisky spins in a heavy glass
6198 A roaring sun slicing through Spanish shutters
6199 If buglers, instead, played their fiddles

6200 It is very beautiful book

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