Friday, March 11, 2016

March Prompts 6376-6400

Friday, March 11th, 16:34

6376 Well done, Anona! Yours in one!
6377 I had a missed call from you
6378 Teddy Dressed.
6379 If the 1% had 99% of the sex…
6380 It would be better for all concerned if you did not interrupt

6381 I lurk beneath bridges, BOO!
6382 As a poet I make a bad plumber
6383 That’s the thing about DNA
6384 I can see clearly what needs to be done
6385 I eat my greens, boiled water, venison once a week

6386 The Art of the Garden Shed
6387 I’m saying, “Don’t go there.”
6388 Christine Keeler and my Mother
6389 My name is Damage, Collateral Damage
6390 Death, as sleep befalls

6391 Did wild horses ever drag anyone?
6392 For those of us ready, I say rejoice!
6393 Let me repose
6394 From time to time, in various private schools
6395 I imagine you in a perfect garden on a perfect day

6396 I am more or less willing, but a little tired
6397 I was the seventeenth Beatle
6398 The big rock was timid. The small rock was a little boulder
6399 he preferred his vice versa

6400 That seems like a round number

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