Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March Prompts 6326-6350

Wednesday, March 9th, 16:15

6326 Lying like a cheap watch, right occasionally
6328 She smoked, kissed girls and argued back
6329 Jesus Christ! You Again?
6330 Helen McHelen, my maiden aunt, the practised murderess

6331 Sunlight, flowers, woven in your hair
6332 I dreamt that I was poor and woke up sweating
6333 You have dog-shit on your shoes, evil in your heart
6334 You have some sort of disease. Have you been to Africa?
6335 This end of the road is quieter, more refined

6336 Doctor Doctor & Nurse Nurse, a Love Story
6337 Not sure about this rash..
6338 This may seem fantastic, impossible, but
6339 Very well.
6340 There is a problem with gravity at Number Forty-Seven

6341 I would like to be a red balloon
6342 The house oppresses, smelling of dead perfume, cabbage
6343 The drowned are ugly
6344 Do it your way, or do it right.
6345 Many plates, steam, stainless-steel sinks, clatter

6346 The journalist who died of terminal honesty
6347 That shy thing, skipping, hals-hiding behind slim trees
6348 By the Throat
6349 The first time I saw lemon in tea

6350 Does a madman rant alone?

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