Friday, March 25, 2016

March Prompts 6776-6800
Friday, March 25th, 16:35

6776 I think it is time for one of us to sleep
6777 They are coming. There is nothing you can do.
6778 Popular Mechanics
6779 We were lovers. We just didn’t have sex
6780 A Good Day in the Field

6781 The graph is slowly downwards and so am I
6782 A dark against the candles
6783 The History of the British Empire
6785 If I liked you, Sir, I’d be pleased to see you.

6786 Try this. If you don’t like it there’s no downside
6787 Beano
6788 Every spring they painted the house the pink of their cherry-blossom
6789 A dark old dog, limping
6780 In 1953, there was a great gale.

6791 No, that’s one place I have never been
6792 The Eagle
6793 Imagine it’s 2016. Try.
6794 When the water breaks upon the shingle 
6795 There is something dark here. I cannot stay

6796 Hold me. Let me imagine what it’s like to be loved.
6797 Exchange & Mart
6798 We both have pain but your will end
6799 Let me make some tea and then we’ll talk

6800 If I should be buried in a sunken ship

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