Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Prompts 6651-6675

Wednesday, March 23rd, 07:45

6651 My mirror talks, no biggie
6652 We are doing our best here, Sir!
6653 Pale nights, a TV buzzing, old soul records
6654 I exclaim. Because I can! Twice!!
6655 Hey why don’t we order a take-away poem?

6656 It has come to my attention
6657 Workmen in the street
6658 Fuck This. Fuck That. In fact fuck fucking.
6659 Walls lined with skin, art so dark like the Devil’s Diary
6660 Bring it on! (But not ‘till next week…)

6661 I should buy right new bedding and a few loud CDs
6662 Tea. TEA. TEA!
6663 Brought up by wolves, but later barbarians
6664 I have a seat at the head of the table
6665 I was twenty-one, she nineteen

6666 The axe swings. So?
6667 A high-chair once
6668 It will be eight o’clock, soon. What then?
6669 Will you be my lover?
6670 When the faintest whiff of tweed or “snowing down south”

6671 The Executioner plays with his children
6672 I have no use of this. Do you want it?
6673 Under the castle, water
6674 One day I was on patrol, when in aisle 17, I…

6675 This, I should counsel you, would be ill-advised

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