Friday, March 04, 2016

March Prompts 6101-6125. 

Friday March 4, 10:01

6101 Over the past month, how often have you had the sensation?
6102 To swim with Belugas
6103 With warm sand like silk around my feet
6104 To catch my breath when seeing beauty 
6105 Not emptying your bladder completely after urinating?

6106 A fine meal, good wine, good company
6107 How often have you had to urinate again?
6108 To run up a hill towards blue, gasp at the view
6109 How often do you get up to urinate in the night?
6110 Children before they know the world

6111 To chase a long ball, control it, smash it home
6112 Less than two hours after urinating.
6113 A perfect block of wood, hours polishing
6114 Are you Mostly Dissatisfied, Unhappy or Terrible?
6115 Guernsey Butter on Home-Made Bread

6116 How often do you stop urinating and start again?
6117 To Roar! To remember how to cry for joy
6118 An English Garden, stumbling bees, Radio Four
6119 How difficult is it to postpone urination?
6120 Certificates, small golden rewards

6121 Eyes to fall into, heart, warmth
6122 How often have you had a weak urinary stream?
6123 A crisp bed, tight around me, mother
6124 How often do you need to push or strain?
6125 Sunsets,the Northern Lights, Antartica

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