Tuesday, March 08, 2016

March Prompts 6276-6300
Tuesday, March 8th, 23:15

6276 We stopped to watch some men digging a hole
6277 I was starring in my own film but then I sacked myself
6278 Mam, Dad, yours, fuck you up they do, Yoda
6279 Sometimes I don’t know which side I’m on
6280 The difference between solitude and being alone

6281 Not sure exactly when, but he just walked out
6282 At times like this, a certain type of person will emerge
6283 What do they do with all the dead dogs?
6284 I am addicted to marriage or divorce
6285 Standing too close to the gas-fire

6286 The call it cowardly, that amazing act of courage
6287 Inside, as the door hisses closed behind us
6288 She had it all planned out, apart from where it didn’t work
6289 The definite stink of Grimsby 
6290 Get out early

6291 Smack, Whack. Take that you pig!
6292 Jedi Poetry
6293 I have this urge to watch Billy Elliot
6294 We met at a Hermit’s Convention
6295 Hand-cuff night at 47 Claremont Avenue

6296 Sure I remember. A Saturday it were. Or a Sunday
6297 He knows where the bodies are
6298 When the biro leaks and you thighs are blue
6299 Egg-Cup Love

6300 They have filled the box carefully with the first nothing ever found

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