Monday, March 28, 2016

March Prompts 6851-6875
Monday, March 28th, 06:20

6851 Let’s start afresh, deep breath, head up, forward!
6852 I wake up, still not knowing
6853 Costa Encounter
6854 Maybe fifty years ago, when I was 79
6855 Something Churchillian, Bull Baffles Brains

6856 Before we were lost, this was beautiful
6857 The Clapham Omnibus
6858 Twats in sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts
6859 I have friends from Tibet, but none living there
6860 The wind whistles round the house

6861 The fire has gone out
6862 The dark deep rumbles of the gut
6863 The obscene cost of every square foot
6864 That’s the thing with sound effects
6865 For Spring and Summer, Winter

6866 We are on a runaway train. This doesn’t end well
6867 Confucius, he say
6868 The memory is too strong, too bright
6869 Newcastle Brown
6870 Certain noises gave her migraines. She hated the sound of chewing

6871 Let’s just whisper that we are done and drink our coffee
6972 I have dreamt of the wrong things
6874 This is the only poem that matters

6875 This is not the end, or the beginning of the end

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