Monday, March 21, 2016

March Prompts 6601-6625

Monday, March 21st, 16:37

6601 For every flower, a worm
6602 What sounds a little like music, drifting in the trees
6603 A quiet, leafy island, a small shingle beach
6604  A heart, a firm hand, time for each other
6605 This is a little too solemn for me

6606 Queen of our alley for sure
6607 I’m broke, but I can knock you off a poem…
6608 Just kids running, voices like bells
6609 That “tread softly” thingee
6610 Back before I’d ever had a broken heart

6611 He came towards us, a huge setting sun at his back
6612 DIXIE
6613 One of us to die, one of us to choose
6614 MARIA
6615 Aw, lovey, run it under a tap

6616 I’m going to fuck off and build a cabin on an island
6617 His old brown shoes, his old brown dog
6618 When you are middle-aged and turning fat
6619 I am ready!
6620 I am just trying to stay dry, that’s all

6621 Let me call you brother. Let me feed you.
6623 The Mad Flannery O’Driscoll
6624 WILL! DUCK!
6625 When the car is still shiny

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