Friday, March 18, 2016

March Prompts 6526-6550

Friday, March 18th, 07:17

6526 It is hard to find romance here; not impossible
6527 And I would float upon your oceans
6528 Colours to make a man cry
6529 As the lovers step from the trees, buzzing softly
6530 I should start a huge project and throw myself in

6531 I close the door slowly
6532 When the Barrista barrists
6533 Children looking for eggs
6534 A white-white, a black impossibly black
6535 I came at words differently then

6536 Just once, for the experience
6537 I am old, my house is old, my thoughts are old
6538 In that amazing ‘plane, weightless, different
6539 Joe, not that young, one of those who saw the meteor
6540 I the view to your liking or should I change it?

6541 British Bulldog, the way the Scout Leaders liked to tumble
6542 It is a good day for killing
6543 Can I borrow your tomorrow? I have extra days next month
6544 The skill of egg-blowing
6545 There is something angelic, magical about fog

6546 After the Scout Party, in a Sweet-shop
6547 It is after sunset, the time God likes to show off
6548 Musical chairs, the impossible moments sitting on a lap
6549 How we cut down trees and sold the wood
6550 This could be good, better than good.

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