Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Prompts 6551-6575

Sunday, March 20th, 09:12

6551 We should open with something beautiful
6552 When it’s too cold for poetry
6553 Spanner
6554 The Zen of Shitting
6555 What will you do? What will you do?

6556 Now be patient. Plants. Will. Grow.
6557 We may dispense with profit for the good of our society
6558 Four miles at nigh across dark bogs
6559 If there must be painful times, disperse them
6560 I have heard your species mates for life

6561 A dozen messages, pended by the machine
6562 The Magic of Waitrose
6563 Do not wait for the bugler. Rise up and he will follow!
6564 Egg White for the glaze
6565 That is not your book. This is your book

6566 I hear the click of the bathroom door
6567 Sleep’s borders are different in the day
6568 We step out into the dark, or heads into the mouth of the lion
6569 Cinnamon!
6570 I am sorry. I feel weak this morning

6571 A small shudder as my core shifts
6572 No exclamation marks! Are you kidding?!!!
6573 The sorrow is about what might have been, not what was lost
6574 Something soft, a sleeping baby of an idea

6575 Imagine! Milton Keynes!

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