Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Prompts 6501-6525

Thursday, March 17th, 06:30

6501 I hate seagulls. Rats with wings.
6502 This is one hell of a fire, a mother and a father of a fire
6503 Finally, I have only this to say
6504 A trench around, here a hill fort among our houses
6505 It isn’t their fault but I would still kill every one

6506 Salt, Pepper various ‘erbs.
6507 Wood sawn, wood smoothed, wood oiled
6508 Many Tories, one fire
6509 We shifted so much on an old pram
6510 So many things we take for granted; like breathing

6511 Going home to Wagon Train and Bonanza
6512 My father was there, he said, when Etna erupted
6513 I remember a bonfire; I was nine
6514 Men in clacking boots; real men, different then
6515 The ambulance parks under the trees

6516 The dull ache of my balls
6517 We ask only that you are honest
6518 Joseph Healey
6519 The burned the children, the drowned, the fevered.
6520 I need to eat

6521 I will never be warm in Centigrade
6522 The Healey child, barefoot in the rain
6523 Boiling potatoes for the dogs
6524 and my mother out
6525 A fair few came but most left early

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