Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Prompts 6826-6850
Saturday, March 26th, 14:00

6826 England Awaits.
6827 The Joy of Sacks
6828 Various incidents in Delhi
6829 The Great wall of Texas
6830 I’m sorry. I know I’m rushing, but…

6831 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
6832 The Chinese girl I almost loved
6833 Prozac Central.
6834 When you meet someone who met someone
6835 Under a Coolabah Tree

6836 Beatles, Stones, Simon & Garfunkel…
6837 Complete, unadulterated, honest
6838 Fucking Kangaroos
6839 I was thinking about Churchill. He was fat.
6840 It all is building to a cracking finish

6841 As he said, like a patient on a table
6842 Play an anthem, salute the fucking flag
6843 In Lanzarote, I believe
6844 Sometimes there is something missing
6845 What she keeps in her old brown tin

6846 Ma-Ma, Hu-Hu
6847 It sounds better in Chinese
6848 Second is better but first is OK
6849 PLUM

6850 Play something that surprises me

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