Friday, March 25, 2016

March Prompts 6726-6750
Friday, March 25th, 06:15

6751 For a change, let us start at the beginning
6752 Today the cross would be recyclable
6753 Between these things there is love and slaughter
6754 My feet are hot, my eyes and cheeks are burning
6755 This time we will finish at the end

6756 You may be dying in a fire
6757 Jesus’s Sister Amanda
6758 Here in the fiction mine, working with goblins
6759 Or maybe crack a joke, or say, “Did you hear that?”
6760 When the customers are the same as yesterday, and so are you

6761 “The Devil has all the best tunes”
6762 The Imperious Machine
6763 A woman who lives in the forest, shits behinds trees
6764 You will have to dig to find the writer, hopefully alive
6765 Men of Harlech

6766 Name that Tune!
6767 How the numbers fall and rise again, and fall
6768 You may think words are just word
6769 I ache, wife.
6770 The bombers last remarks. Are they silent in the taxi

6771 Hi, this is me, your second victim
6772 What we spoke of earlier
6773 You might be a poet but you won’t wake up a poet
6774 Your alternate world where you are dead and live of old age

6775 We have been activated a day or two early

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