Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March Prompts 5951-5075

Tuesday, March 1st, 19:45

5951 My Corporal! Oh Corporal, we are undone.
5952 Thomas, stop moaning!
5953 There were soldiers here once, many dead
5954 At night, alone, I sing every word
5955 I hear America weeping

5956 Outside high voices, bootsteps
5957 On a gurney reading Denis Johnson
5958 Toothbrush, flosser, mouthwash…
5959 Judas, his two fingers over Jesus’ head
5960 A plumber weeping, as he tightens a pipe

5961 The kid I thought should have a gun has a gun
5962 A perfect, ice-cold gin
5963 Veneer
5964 Knife, fork, spoon, TV
5965 The earth rolls, swings, explodes, sinks

5966 We could watch old episodes of The Bill?
5967 The Allotments at Gethsemane
5968 A mummy sailing quietly for seven years.
5969 We are corrupt we will be corrupted
5970 When is your broomstick due its MOT?

5971 Night Shift, walk home when the world is dead
5972 I will bring down your houses
5973 Those in the back row stop fucking and listen
5974 Prom Night
5975 Trump dreaming of a White Christmas

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