Thursday, March 03, 2016

March Prompts 6051-6075 

Thursday March 3rd, 16:50

6051 With so much anger in you, can you see anything lovely?
6052 Total silence but for the z-tunk of a heavy axe
6053 My dead wife came back, hiding in a black-eyed waitress
6054  It was one of those summers when you think, Just fuck this!
6055 We could try falling in love?

6056 I am waiting to gown down to breakfast
6057 She hates like a hammer, like a gun
6058 The sky was black black black, the suddenly laced with green
6059 Come in, bring the dogs, and if you find anything, let me know
6060 Martha is brushing her hair

6061 Is this a love that’s pre-arranged or is it serendipity?
6062 The swollen dark of moonlit hedges
6063 Outside in the courtyard, the cobbles glisten wet
6064 I am counting the bottles, pretending there was a party
6065 The day is barely budded, nowhere near ripe

6066 Stay alive, tell people everything that occurred
6067 I am drying out
6068 She thought everything, even disease, was magic, magic
6069 Imagining dusty coaches and snorting horses
6070 If grief was only money

6071 Why am I drawn to drums, to crazy percussionists?
6072 Lavender, a light breath through a window
6073 I turned to kiss her but she kissed me first. Love
6074 He was old and ragged, followed by a cloud
6075 My life back-filled with small important things

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