Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March Prompts 5976-6000

Tuesday 1st March, 23:50

5976 Here is needle, here is thread. Sew me closed.
5977 I loved those villages, the towns, some of the cities
5978 The dogs can see the ghost
5979 Some of the women venture out in case there is bread
5980 We were lost in the woods, no really lost

5981 Her little silver tin
5982 The air-breath closure of a downstairs door
5983 When the skin is tight, when things don’t look so good.
5984 We noticed on the face of Jesus, what looked like a pizza.
5985 Somewhere soles with concrete cows

5986 The long-long life of the Mayfly
5987 My mother, hanging washing on the line
5988 I am very, very tired
5989 The haze in the hills, the way the sun gives up
5990 The simple things, potatoes, mud

5991 Just before the end of normal time
5992 It is odd, the peace of the man about to be shot
5993 On our way to a cottage in Devon
5994 She wore a green top, some soft wool
5995 One of the boys sniffs, twitches, growls very low

5996 It is her, just so, immaculate, precise
5997 I have no fingers, just eleven thumbs
5998 The difference between “Can I?” and “May I?”
5999 It wasn’t him, or her either. And it wasn’t me.
6000 The corpse advises the undertaker on the fitting of the lid

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