Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March Prompts 6876-6900
Tuesday, March 29th, 07:30

6876 Imagine if you stopped me. Whose victory would that be?
6877 The gleam, the smell, the air of the right three words
6878 April Fools
6879 The sun through my window, glory rising
6880 Whatever you do, don’t lie in today.

6881 Nevertheless, I went. I do not regret it
6882 If this is how it is, we must endure it
6883 Just Don’t Do It!
6884 And what if they succeed, the children of the damned?
6885 What would Jesus have done?

6886 It wasn’t what I had imagined, but it was OK
6887 I suggest you exit forthwith, Sir
6888 Cheques and Balances
6889 The most beautiful, beautiful, home-made chicken soup
6890 Imagine you were a nice person. What would you do then?

6891 This isn’t death, but it is a kind of death
6892 There are other ways this could be, be not narrow in your thoughts
6893 Pocohontas
6894 A thin layer of leaked thoughts on the bedroom floor
6895 Hearts to not creep, they bound even off a cliff

6896 Listen! Someone, somewhere is trying to help you
6897 I saw old people, one a former wife
6898 SHARP!
6899 She talks out of the corners of her eyes

6900 Leave the bottle, shower, sleep

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