Monday, March 14, 2016

March Prompts 6426-6450

Monday, March 14th, 09:59

6426 The receding rails from legs apart to duck’s arse
6427 Those who waved off the departed are shuffling home
6528 Go!
6429 Great songs with lousy words
6430 The days are longer now, we bare joyous shoulders and knees

6431 I suspect his wife will come over
6432 Various Thoughts on Teleporting
6433 It seems this way as one becomes older
6434 Does the past ever go?
6435 At the moment this is the best I can do

6436 They listen to my heart by radio beams
6437 How it once was in Railway Buffets
6438 Women without husbands, women without sons
6439 We did it but missed the significance
6440 July the First is a season on its own

6441 We move from grief to greater grief, hoping there is nothing more
6442 We the unemployed, salute you!
6443 People don’t change, they become someone else
6444 Please, PLEASE, let us have a bloody revolution
6445 When skin attacks skin

6446 Let me grab you by your filthy black throat
6447 Dead cows, dead chickens, a dead goat
6448 That’s the thing with wombs
6449 A slim widow from Wolverhampton 

6450 On a train to London, who arrives?

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