Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March Prompts 6476-6500

Wednesday, March 16th, 09:00

6476 Your shoes upon the table
6477 We are considering your application
6478 Here we go, lads! This won’t hurt a bit.
6479 Brass baubles for widows
6480 I need to eat MEAT

6481 Young men in white scrubs, pretending these were not people
6482 His pipe, his slippers, his spectacles, his gun
6483 Everywhere sagging shoulders, heavy grey days
6484 SNAIL
6485 That’s thing thing about cadavers

6486 PIANO
6487 Our white legs, our white feet, the bed so cold
6488 Do you have any artificial parts? Teeth, joints, heart?
6489 Consider smoke, slaughter, the sun still rising
6490 There were two of them. No, three. There were four.

6491 Run it under the tap, love
6492 That thing about wailing and teeth
6493 If your head is truly empty, watch this.
6494 I am sorry I broke you, I was never good at things
6495 Turn off the sun. Jesus!

6496 You may be cold but that means you are not dead
6497 So now you’re a prophet?
6498 Swastikas are pretty
6499 You beat them all by yourself. You’re a hero.

6500 Oops, I’ve done it again

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