Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Prompts 6901-6925
Wednesday, March 30th, 08:30

6901 Why the oldest friends should never sleep together
6902 There is something vulgar about all this
6903 A kind of Karma, or God balancing out
6904 But, by chance, not Kokura. Think about that.
6905 Orange Juice for Nana, but Nana sleeps

6906 The cyanide secreted in his vest
6907 Three bluebells, plucked by a child
6908 Commit this to forgetting.
6909 The All-Clear Sounds on a cloudless day
6910 There is nothing of note here

6911 North-West of Iwo Jima
6912 Stare at a dark ceiling. Do not close your eyes
6913 Press, then withdraw promptly. DO NOT RUN
6914 Let’s waste time, do more of nothing slowly
6915 Above, cold stars, here clouds, below flimsy buildings

6916 In case of problems they will divert 
6917 Make Love. Fuck. But copulate?
6918 We could try singing?
6919 It is a long dark tunnel. You will need to be resolute
6920 Men will doubt you, but so will dogs.

6921 Remove the plug marked “DO NOT REMOVE”.
6922 The sweetness of the small things
6923 Hyacinths.
6924 The moon is not interested
6925 A small white bird, God choosing

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