Tuesday, March 08, 2016

March Prompts 6251-6275

Tuesday, March 7th, 05:59

6251 The rushing in my ears, the coursing of my blood
6252 The escalating cost of the Atlantic Prawn
6253 No Grapefruit (a terrible sacrifice)
6254 There will always be those not ready to die
6255 She lived upstairs above a chip shop

6256 An explosion, an ejection, concentrated filth
6257 The swimmer is unaware of the plane
6258 The click of a switch, no words
6259 Love is the worse thing and we are blind
6260 I have to do something, doctor

6261 Something fantastic. We are falling forever
6262 There are worse places to end up, worse conditions
6263 The creak of a bedroom door
6264 Make it a double. There’s a war on
6265 All we can do is keep swimming

6266 I wonder if I should write about explosions, deaths
6267 The rubbish spoken by so many to so many
6268 It is almost over. When it is done we will start again
6269 The lights all over Europe backed up by generators
6270 In the poem Jackie is really Deb

6271 I would prefer to give into temptation
6272 How the dog shits in the hall
6273 Here I am. I really am this disappointing
6274 The various side effects of various drugs

6275 We are down to the last 90.

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