Friday, March 04, 2016

March Prompts 6126-6150

Friday March 4th, 19:20

6126 The Postman is singing
6127 150 over 89
6128 All the dead poets, all the wasted paper
6129 Sugar, Salt, Love
6130 and the song of the mother and the song of a son

6131 We have decided not to proceed
6132 Forever and forever, while rocks become sand
6133 I fill in the slots carefully
6134 It is not possible to be too devout
6135 I can hear carols being sung

6136 We need to hear soft music, notes flowing
6137 A fucking poet, ha-ha-ha!
6138 Let us peruse the information and discuss
6139 The ploughman follows his ox for a furlong
6140 I want to lie down on hot stones

6141 The martyrs, the innocents, the blacks
6142 Marzipan
6143 Their open mouths, angelic
6144 A dark room, for dreaming
6145 The meat rots better, the fish rots worse

6146 Those that once carried all before are tiny now
6147 My brother’s brothers
6148 I am aware of the river. I wonder about bodies
6149 A song like velvet
6150 The Bison, the mountain-lion, the stalking brave

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