Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Prompts 6801-6825
Saturday, March 26th, 06:05

6801 There will be a great silence, sound only imagined
6802 Devils Birds, the cries of fruit
6803 The dogs sense this
6804 I am old, but I am not waiting
6805 I am not expressing myself that well

6806 The gas fire sputters
6807 You must hold something real, feel the heft of things
6808 As the plane was crashing the farmer was thinking of his crops
6809 No, it is worse
6810 I have this overwhelming urge to close my eyes

6811 My son is arguing: these are the best times
6812 Mary is making toast
6813 Pillow, Blood
6814 There are windows open all over the world, music
6815 I am on the floor and they won’t let me up

6816 They have taken so much away and replaced it with bad jokes and music
6817 Hammer, Nail, Ointment
6818 It is more, far more than your statistics
6819 I know what I know, not how to say it
6820 Nye Bevan, Foot, Benn

6821 Do you really believe that shinier means better
6822 I feel devoid of the weight of what should matter
6823 This rash, these headaches, are real
6824 Show me something amazing
6825 When in 1947 they said, “No matter what, it shall come about.”

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