Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March Prompts 6026-6050 

Wednesday March 2nd 22:35

6026 You get used to the smell
6027 Shine your shoes, change your underwear. In case.
6028 When the sky lit up they said it was a meteor. ha-Ha!
6029 I recognise contempt when I see it
6030 It could have, should have, turned out better

6031 You left me by the fire with no more wood
6032 Were you here yesterday? Did you see him die?
6033 We are almost done, just one more breath
6034 My daughter cries over a long-lost fish
6035 Dad, shaving at the kitchen sink, Mam stirring porridge on the stove

6036 I have to say it. The Mona Lisa is ugly as fuck
6037 Your face is soft tonight, but you are reading
6038 Of course there are hidden cameras, and microphones
6039 I like two-pound coins, thimbles, little coffee cups
6040 Coming at the words sideways, backing on to ideas

6041 When your husband has bigger breasts than you
6042 Berlin then was Syria now. The world can grow back
6043 There are so many ways to fuck up love
6044 When the idea came, it seemed good. At the time it seemed a good idea.
6045 Billy Smith has smuggled his alligator into class

6046 A different medication, a wing, a prayer
6047 The kind of man who still calls natives WOGS
6048 Five lovely people; one to go to soldiers, another to die badly
6049 If we could make people from old photographs
6050 I am built for speed, not to be still

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