Monday, March 21, 2016


March Prompts 6576-6600

Monday, March 21st, 06:17

6576 Walking there, towards gold windows, possibility
6577 A mug of hot, sweet, tea
6578 Like the snow disappearing from the hills
6579 When the ambulance waits by the cliffs
6580 The air in my chest at the gates

6581 How can I deny it any longer?
6582 Hubble Fucking Bubble
6583 A quiver of rough arrows on my back
6584 He came across as real, a man, no spin, just a man
6585 No, I’m just tidying up a bit

6586 It’s that way! Start swimming!
6587 The Fool is the luckiest man
6588 I am slowly disappearing
6589 Does “cunning” come from…?
6590 I am jealous of myself

6591 You’re dressed to the eyeballs, to go shopping?
6592 A small boat, a huge ocean, a big heart
6593 If you go, I’ll go
6594 Love hot, death cold, the first does not last like the latter.
6595 As we near the end the road gets steeper

6596 The lines and circles, the space between
6597 This will do
6598 The clock is ticking, the water runs out
6599 The politics we don’t see, dictators in pairs
6600 Owl, Bat, Toad, You.

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