Saturday, December 12, 2015

 Advent Prompts 3326-3350 

 12 December 2015 - 20:00

3326 You may have the hammer, I the blade
3327 A certain attention to detail
3328 Our teeth clashed like two frozen Kit-Kats breaking deliciously
3330 Let us drop the mine owner down the deepest shaft

3331 My initials, your initials, a heart
3332 Warehouses, charity shops, places selling phones
3333 This is the main street. There is only one street
3334 McMillan Evans, Justice of the Peace
3335 Senghenydd

3336 We met on a small airfield where the hangars smelt faintly of fuel
3337 We are creating also, the chances
3338 It is a case of attitude
3339 I am a German pilot. I was a hero too

3341 This is not an ocean, merely the Irish Sea
3343 I cannot walk on stopped escalators
3344 There are always consequences
3345 An hour in chapel with Jeremiah Pugh

3346 Cheese and Onion paste on thick rustic bread
3347 Milk on radiators, a penny for the black babies
3348 More than tomorrow
3349 An orange, peanuts in their shells, a bar of chocolate, a pencil
3350 My love for the barmaid in The George

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