Monday, December 14, 2015

Advent Prompts 3376-3400

14 December 2015 - 18:50

3376 Paddle Steamer to Weston
3377 When it's good-night time, make a racket, get arrested
3378 The afternoon shakes but then it recomposes itself
3379 I would like to have traveled more
3380 Flat ugly islands in the dirty channel

3381 It is like a too-large meal for one; not enough for two
3382 Like flint beneath a hill-fort
3383 Symphony of collisions, a fire, some dead
3384 What can I tell you about my son?
3385 Something Dark and Danish

3386 A station resplendent with boys
3387 Lavernock Point
3388 Poems like IKEA cabinets
3389 A home there for wayward young women with poor teeth
3390 She responded very quickly but I do think abruptly

3391 This is real life. There are no instructions
3392 Father Father, doubly insulted
3393 It was brilliantly sunny, and it wasn't
3394 A clean apron, flour-dusted, mitts
3395 I am the very spit of Hitler, or I would like to be.

3396 I was born young of suitable parents
3397 I am only a small bit German
3398 Are you from this parish? So you know McDougle?
3399 My sex-bot just doesn't love me any more
3400 I am a low-flying bird in a too-tall tree

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