Friday, December 25, 2015

Advent Prompts 4001-4025

25 December 2015 - 07:00

Christmas Day

4001 You must hear the rhythms first, and then if you really must, add words
4002 FUCK The Grouch and the damn Cafe Royal
4003 It is very cool here
4004 Coopers, Fletchers, resting whores
4005 I have broken my microscope and damaged my tray of butterflies

4006 Actually I do not care what your Christmas will be like
4007 Charlotte found an empty birds-nest
4008 Poppycock, Darling
4009 I do not know if in my last note I was sufficiently explicit
4010 Some murderers are innocent

4011 It is a fairly technical philosophical idea. I will not bore you.
4012 Throw in a little Anglo-Saxon
4013 Would it be possibly to visit with you and confer on the matter?
4014 Call a Spade a digging implement
4015 Occasional in-your-face remarks

4016 Maman, where is Cricklewood?
4017 BALLS!
4018 I have just heard from your secretary that you are out of town
4019 MI7
4020 Sir, I do not participate in sports. We have nothing to discuss

4021 Alcock & Brown
4022 I have been furnished with a delightful, rock-solid steamer-trunk
4023 Paris Underpasses, suitcases, wardrobes
4024 As soon as I have perfected arrangements with you, I will close matters with Cambridge
4025 And who do you suppose stears all this?

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