Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent Prompts 3701-3725 

20 December 2015 - 18:20

3701 When Mail Trains clacked across the night
3702 I am bloody, I am bowed, but I am not yet beaten
3703 The dogs are used to it
3704 She was a famous ventriloquist, a nun with a nymphomaniac dummy
3705 You have made an end of it

3706 I remember the face of my father
3707 Cruellest weeks are not in April
3708 A drip, an ocean, a grain of salt, the world
3709 As we walked back home from the mine
3710 No longer the roar of the falls, a stream near home

3711 Six lads, only one machine-gun
3712 We bought eight Blackjacks and then Isobel kissed me
3713 Gone away, to silence, peace
3714 And the moment, fourteen, racing to the tape
3715 She's taller, I'm the Lower Watha

3716 The way hard, the mud crying, the rain vindictive
3717 He remembers the college, soft grass, shadows
3718 Just think of it as a transfer to Hartlepool Reserves
3719 The boat leaked and they hadn't set out yet
3720 A tall white ship, the sun by day, at night the North Star

3721 What did the Romans ever give us?
3722 From where he lay, something rose up 
3723 Our favourite painters, bits of music
3724 She is like a perfect pizza, pepperoni
3725 Like a perfect summer day, the lightest breeze, like a kiss

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